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Energy Efficiency

Many people contact Heating Oil News  via e-mail indicating their burner is not very energy efficient and they don't believe that it's functioning properly.  They go on to say that their home is becoming more and more expensive to heat.  The answer to this question is not a short one, however, there are steps that need to be taken before shelling out a large amount of money for a new heating system.

(1) Make sure that your windows are thermal pane, also check all receptacle and light switches to make sure no leaks exist. Inexpensive ways to accomplish this are to go around all windows and receptacle with a feather, if the feather moves you need to caulk.

(2) Insulation is probably one of the biggest culprits in heat loss.  Make sure that your walls and attic are properly insulated with the right R-value.  Heat rises and will escape immediately if insulation and R-value are not properly installed throughout the home making it airtight.

(3) Many people contact us indicating that they are using their fire place more often to heat their home to conserve on their energy bills.  (Not a good idea).  Most of the times, using your fireplace will actually pull heat directly out of your home, up and through the chimney.  If you're not using your fireplace, make sure the flue is closed and sealed to prevent warm air escaping through the chimney.

(4) Door snakes are extremely inexpensive and serve a purpose, they stop the cold air from entering your home through the bottom of the door and prevent warm air from escaping.

(5)  On a nice day with the sun shining, make sure to open your shades and/or blinds to let the sun in, and in the evening close the shade or blinds.

(6) Have your heating oil system tuned up and cleaned at least once per year to maximize efficiency, and keep your heating system running smoothly for many years to come.

(7) Some people choose to purchase heating oil on a COD basis, one thing they fail to think about is, what to do when the heating system needs to be cleaned and tuned up.  Most of the time all the money saved goes right out the window at the end of the year, when maintenance or service call is needed. 

If you have an energy efficient way that we haven't touched upon, please feel free to send us an email so we can share through social media Twitter, in print, and through our website.

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