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Diesel and Heating Oil Deals

There's really no reason to overpay for heating oil and diesel fuel, find discount pricing, advise, and recommendations on petroleum products delivered to you home, business or on-site. 

Energy Efficiency

Many people contact Heating Oil News  via e-mail indicating their burner is not very energy efficient and they don't believe that it's functioning properly.  They go on to say that their home is becoming more and more expensive to heat.  The answer to this question is not a short one, however, there are steps that need to be taken before shelling out a large amount of money for a new heating system.

Heating Oil - Twitter

 Heating Oil News constantly updates its twitter account with heating oil prices as the market moves. The social Media Marketing tool twitter is excellent for consumers to stay on top of prices and make educated decisions before placing an order for delivery. Like us on twitter, or re-tweet a post. Help us build a network of satisfied heating oil consumers and heating oil companies that are reputable, priced right, have quality service and are reliable. 

Fredericks Heating Oil - 133 years in New Jersey

In 1878 John Fredericks at his general store began selling anthracite coal from Pennsylvania shipped in on the new railroad.  He delivered it in a wagon pulled by a team of oxen.  Coal trucks eventually replaced the oxen and the business was continued from the store by his son until his grandson separated it from the store in 1929. 

Get The Best Heating Oil Deals

Many readers ask Heating Oil News: what's the difference between the cap price, fixed price or market price and how can I save money this heating season?  Most heating oil customers are unaware of different ways of purchasing fuel that sometimes are not presented to them by their current heating oil providers.

Heating Oil at Discount Prices

Find up to date Heating Oil News discount prices, online security issues & scams...
October 26 2020
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