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Ways to Get Cheap Heating Oil

As we all struggle with the increasing price of oil, scrounging for ways to cut our costs has become a national pastime.

Options from joining collectives of buying groups to finding your own oil abound, it just takes legwork. Heating oil is a commodity, which means that like the stock market, the price goes up and down. The price of crude oil is the largest denominator on the cost to you, meaning there is flexibility for the oil company in how much they choose to charge.

    Joining a Collective or Co-op

Think about joining a heating oil collective or co-op. When you join, you automatically become part of a large buying group. Cooperatives have the luxury of professional pricing negotiators. Buying in volume means lower pricing because one person cannot get the deal that a group can receive.

As part of a collective, they must shop around for the lowest pricing structure. While the co-op is shopping for the best price, they are fully responsible for buying good quality oil. Co-ops or collectives do charge a minimal annual fee.

As the consumer, you benefit. Collectives also offer incentives, such as referring a friend for more savings. Pilgrim Oil in New Jersey claims that its collective can save households $275 to $500 per year. (See References). Think about researching oil collectives in your area as a viable form of saving money.

Be sure to ask the collective what perks they offer such as tune-ups, delivery service, and free annual cleaning.

Clickfil, out of Canada, was able to lower its oil prices by going paperless, focusing only on delivery and discounting oil by 30 cents per gallon. Since they produce their own heating oil, selling it directly to their customers allows them to sell cheaper.


By Sara Janis, eHow Contributor

The best time to schedule an annual tune-up is during the summer season. A regular cleaning will ensure that the oil heating system will run at peak efficiency and will result in a 10-15% savings in heating oil.

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