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New York Heating Oil

There are many heating oil companies in the New York market that are very easy to find with just a simple web search.  However, it's not so easy to differentiate between the unscrupulous and reputable oil companies.  Keep in mind that most heating oil companies are legitimate, hard working, and try diligently to please their customers in any way they can.

You found the New York heating oil company that seems to have great prices and a fantastic service department.  There are some questions below that you should ask in the interview process before making a decision; questions that would give you a better understanding of exactly what type of company you'll be dealing with.

Questions you should ask

How many years has your heating oil company been in business in New York under the same name?

Check the better business bureau to make sure there are no open complaints that have not been addressed by the oil company.

If the heating oil company is providing a service contract, is a true 24/7 service contract, will someone be answering the phone at 2:00 AM.  Will a qualified serviceman be dispatched to my location?

Investigate the heating oil company on your own, perform a Google search with the name of the company; are the customers angry or happy with their previous or current service?


This is no time to be meek

Heating Oil News receives quite a bit of e-mail in the New York market pertaining to how to approach a new heating oil company, and what questions to ask.

Some questions may seem intimidating, and to some just too embarrassing to ask the new company within the telephone interview process.  Get over it-it's very important that you start by asking yourself a few questions before calling the company that you may potentially work with in the future.  Who is the customer?  Who is paying for the service? 

Remember one thing in the negotiation process, when dealing with a heating oil company or any other company you may be working with, the only stupid question is the question that's not asked.  If you're not happy with the response, you can just hang up and call other New York heating oil companies.  Think about it, if anyone should be nervous on this call it should be the heating oil provider, they have everything to gain obtaining a new paying customer.


New York has many different heating oil options to choose from cap price, fixed price, market price and pre-buy, Get the best heating oil deals.

Homeowners with an underground heating oil tank should have a tank protection plan in place to limit their environmental liability associated with the buried oil tank.

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