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Another day, another emissions requirement

The technology isn’t new – it has been used in power plants for some time now and in automotive applications in Europe for several years. It is also very effective. The goal is to reduce nitrous oxide emissions up to 90 percent, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions by 50 to 90 percent and particulate matter emissions by 30 to 50 percent. While similar to European requirements, the standard is actually far more stringent. All diesel vehicles from class I to class 8 are included in this requirement. Tank sizes for the DEF solution will be in the 13 to 25 gallon range. DEF consumption will be approximately 2 percent of diesel consumption.

75 Years and Counting

This year marks a real milestone for the magazine. Some 75 years ago, in 1935, Fuel Oil News first rolled off the presses. It was an appropriate time for the magazine to be launched because it marked a period in which fuel oil moved from being a novelty heating fuel into the mainstream. Coal was still dominant and would remain viable for decades to come. However, oil brought with it many advantages that were hard to ignore and many of our earliest readers made the logical transition from coal to oil sales.

The benefits of being green for the skeptic

It's easy not to be green, particularly if you earn a living relative to fossil fuels. In a lot of cases it can become an emotional issue.  Some of the strongest public proponents of the green lifestyle go out of their way to paint fossil fuels as some great evil imposed on society, and those who sell fossil fuels from the major oil companies down to the local fuel oil dealer are seen as nothing more than the purveyors of evil.  A natural counter reaction among people who respect the important role fossil fuels have played in creating and maintaining our society, and who might be a bit skeptical about the disasters in store for human kind through the use of fossil fuels, can become a bit defensive.

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