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Connecticut Heating Oil Prices

Heating oil providers in Connecticut come in all different sizes, one truck discount price providers, medium size companies, buying  groups, and full service giants.  Below you'll find some pros and cons with COD heating oil groups, medium size companies and the big boys.

Connecticut has many COD heating oil dealers that are willing to sell fuel at a discounted rat.  Most of these companies do not have any type of service and are usually difficult to contact as they have a very small staff.

Medium size heating oil businesses in Connecticut offer some different pricing structures and some are able to offer service contracts.  However, some of these companies lack the personalized attention that have made them such a great catch in the past.

Heating oil buying groups usually work with a large number of providers and are able to offer discount prices because of their collective buying power.  These groups are few and far between in Connecticut, if you find a good one, you'll be pleasantly surprised what they have to offer.

The giant heating oil providers in Connecticut are able to pump out large amounts of oil to many customers as they have many fuel trucks to do so.  Unfortunately, there's no negotiating prices and most that we polled had a terrible, for lack of a better word, customer service department.

There is good and bad in every heating oil company, buying group and so on. Be diligent ask the right questions, and you'll do just fine.


Be mindful of security when purchasing heating oil

Security issues are widespread in the Connecticut area dotting the landscape with online heating oil price driven websites that are offering unrealistic prices.  Unscrupulous website that are just there for your information, to gather and sell off to a third party, this malicious act is called Data Mining. Don't just take for granted that it's a legitimate website selling discount heating oil, make sure HTTPs is before the URL.  Find out if the company has a legit mailing address, just because you see a phone number doesn't mean it works, call the number make sure they pick up with a company name and ask questions.  

But this is not to say that every heating oil website that's offering discount prices in Connecticut has malicious intent, most of them are legitimate, run their business properly and try their best to keep their customers happy by offering great prices and fantastic service. 

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Homeowners with an underground heating oil tank should have a tank protection plan in place to limit their environmental liability associated with the buried oil tank.

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