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Heating Oil at Discount Prices

Finding a heating oil company in a technologically advanced society that is mostly driven by handheld and desktop devices make it simple to find discount prices.  There are many methods to finding affordable fuel, however, cheap should not be the main reason in making your decision.

Look at some options

Inexpensive heating oil providers are great if you're just looking for a COD delivery with no commitment and/or service.  COD providers historically do not offer service, they mainly focus on delivering fuel at a good price and moving on to the next customer. 

A bit more expensive full service heating oil providers usually offer a full service contract and most of them will have 24/7 emergency service.  Paying a little more per gallon is totally up to the heating oil customer and what their comfort level is.

Heating Oil Security issues online

Heating Oil News has been receiving many emails from concerned heating oil consumers in reference to very low prices posted on some web sites. When searching for a heating oil provider online, make sure the page contains HTTPS  in their URL and make sure you could access them by phone and have a valid mailing address. 

Enter the heating oil companies name online followed by complaints, not to say all of these are legitimate, however, you must use your own discretion when reading them.  More importantly make sure someone picks up the phone, answers with a company name, and is able to answer your questions in a professional manner "not an answering service".  

                          Unscrupulous tactics heating oil scam

Heating oil websites are popping up everywhere, unfortunately some are scamming people out of their personal information.  Be safe on your search and always look for https before the URL.  Don't be so quick in entering your personal information, call the company, say hello, and ask where are you located, how long have you been in business (under the same company name).  I would say, check your heating oil company with the better business bureau.  After the paid -to- play scandal in 2010, I say, move on.  Don't be victimized by an unscrupulous scammer, become proactive.

       How to find affordable heating oil

You're probably saying to yourself after reading the paragraphs above that trying to find discount heating oil sounds kind of scary.  It's not,  just some caveats to give you a baseline on what to work with when trying to find the perfect match between discount prices and great service.  There are more great and professional heating oil companies out there then a handful of bad  players, however, some of the information above may help you weed out the not so good ones. 

Heating Oil News has a vast array of informative articles pertaining to heating oil, propane, air conditioning, natural gas, up-to-date  fuel prices and so much more.  Visit Heating Oil News frequently, and stay on top of which happening in the energy industry.  We have recently taken the reins, and will be supplying information, articles with a vast array of contributing editors.

Be cautious of copycat scammers that try to purchase domain names that sit very close to the domain name of a very reputable heating oil company.  Some may have a website that closely resembles the reputable company or a URL that's very similar.  Be proactive and protect yourself.



The best time to schedule an annual tune-up is during the summer season. A regular cleaning will ensure that the oil heating system will run at peak efficiency and will result in a 10-15% savings in heating oil.

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