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A Heating Oil Group Looking out for Consumers

In today's times, with Americans cutting back, spending less, and conserving more, it is refreshing to find a heating oil company dedicated to looking out for the best interest of consumers.  Here at Today's Oil Price we study oil companies throughout the United States for the best of the best.  Recently we discovered a company with an unusual business model.

Oilforless.com, a subsidiary of Pilgrim Oil, is revolutionizing the way consumers purchase home heating oil.  In 2003, John Cardinale, President of Pilgrim Oil, decided after nearly seven decades of traditional service, to restructure the entire way Pilgrim Oil would do business.  An oil buying group was born.  The concept behind oil for less is bringing a group of members together in any given service area to create buying power.  Pilgrim calls it micro clustering.  With the large number of members, numbering in the thousands, Pilgrim has a great deal of bargaining power with oil service providers.  Additionally, if a member has an issue with the service, Pilgrim can act on their behalf to ensure their members receive the very best service in the industry.

The result of this restructuring is that Pilgrim Oil has grown from a local oil service provider, to a large regional oil company that currently serves members in seven states, and is growing rapidly.  A privately owned company since its inception, Pilgrim is now exploring the possibility of going public.  Recently, they have been approached by several companies in regards to becoming a publicly owned company.  If indeed Pilgrim does go public, investors will certainly take notice.

Pilgrim Oil, a company whose star is rising, will certainly be a force in the home heating industry for many years to come.  Their rock solid business model and strong leadership can only point to a strong company with an ever increasing market share of their industry.  In these tough economic times for consumers, oil customers need to shop around, not only for the best price for heating oil, but also the best service.  Pilgrim can provide this to their members, which has them standing head and shoulders above the competition.

By Peter Tilstra Chief Editor

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