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Cheapest Heating Oil Prices

In these tough economic times, it's getting even tougher to decipher what heating oil company is best for you and your family.  More and more price comparison websites are popping up all over the internet promising the cheapest oil price.  This may seem great on the surface to purchase oil at below wholesale prices, however, all that glitters is not gold.

Below wholesale prices is a phrase that you might not see in the oil industry or in any other industry, unless they are liquidating an item that is no longer in fashion.  How do you sell heating oil below wholesale prices many ask, you don't.  Selling a product such as heating oil below wholesale could mean a very inferior product, stolen, or siphon from someone else's tank that is converting to gas then delivering the contaminated product to you.

Service is another factor that should be put into the equation when purchasing heating oil.  Oil burners are intricate machines and love to go down in the middle of the night, waking up to a cold house with no hot water.  When you call your ghost COD fuel company for service, their answer is, sorry we do not handle service calls, we just deliver heating oil.  Oh-boy, what now, start searching the internet looking for a service company, you found one, your cost,, if you're lucky was $300.  That just wiped out what you saved on heating oil and put you at a deficit.  Let's not forget that the oil burner needs to be cleaned once per year at an additional cost of around $190, once you do the math, not only didn't you save, you lost money.

Having your boiler cleaned and tuned up every year increases efficiency and helps prevent what is known as a puff back.  This can happen when an oil burner doesn't ignite immediately and oil fumes are allowed to build up before ignition, resulting in an explosion similar to the backfiring of a car.  Buildup of debris can also create an excessive explosion at ignition.  In either case, the explosion can shoot soot and debris through the furnace or boiler's exhaust system and into your home, making a mess.

Heating oil news is not here to dictate but to give the consumer sound advice on what makes dollars and cents when purchasing heating oil.  It's your home and money to do what you please; these are just suggestions and simple mathematics.

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